The Development Service Department includes six programs:  Planning Division, Building Safety Division, Neighborhood Services Division, Stormwater Management Division, Mapping Division, and Engineering Division.



The Planning Division manages the City’s land use ordinances, policies and procedures regulating all development within the City Limits of Choctaw.  The Planning Division coordinates development with other city departments and provide staff support to Economic Development.  Further, the Planning Division provides staff assistance to City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, strategic planning committees.  The division responds to public inquiries and reviews building permits to ensure compliance of federal and state laws as well as local ordinances.  Planning also processes all property activity and complaints, perform field analysis, ad makes recommendations.



The purpose of Building Safety is to protect the public’s life, health, and welfare in the building environment.  Building Safety Division ensures that new construction and remodeling is constructed in accordance with current building standards with various International, State and local codes and ordinances.  Provides technical assistance to developers, contractors, and property owners on construction requirements.  Permits are issued and inspections are made to the construction, enlargement, alteration, repairs, the moving of, demolition, occupancy or change of occupancy of a building and for the installment, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, or conversion of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.  As well as to the erection or replacement of signs, driveways, swimming pools, and retaining walls.



The purpose of Neighborhood Services Division is to protect the public’s life, health, and welfare by enforcing the requirements of all developed properties in the City of Choctaw.  The division inspects for overgrown and unkempt vegetation, dumping of trash, derelict vehicles, dangerous buildings, zoning violations, and any other violation notices when necessary.   Neighborhood Services Division work includes the abatement of any violations to Federal, State and Local regulations.



The Stormwater Management Division has two parts-Stormwater Quality and Floodplain Management.  The purpose of the Stormwater Quality Division is to provide inspections, issue notice of violations, abatement, assessment of the City’s river and streams, public outreach, and provide household hazardous waste services to its citizens.  The goal is to comply with the Clean Water Act and enjoy a safe and clean environment.



The Mapping Division creates and maintains the Geographic Interface System (G.I.S.) mapping program.  The division updates information on the City’s water system, sanitary sewer system, roads, parks, parcels, zoning city limits, storm water quality, flood zones, building zones, addresses, easements, and any other feature pertinent to the City.  The division also works with the Engineering Division for all AutoCAD designs and layouts.



The Engineering Division supervises the design, construction, analyzes, and inspects projects for the City of Choctaw.  Staff is also responsible for planning and designing construction projects that include but not limited to the City’s water system, sanitary sewer system, storm water drainage, street design, etc.  The Engineering Division is responsible providing designs and guidance to infrastructure improvements within the City.