Quality & Cost Savings

A goal of the Engineering Division is to keep abreast of new and changing technology in the areas of construction materials and methods, equipment, and other products.  The division would then assess its value to the City with respect to quality and potential cost savings.


The Engineering Division is responsible for designing standards for the City’s infrastructure.  The specifications are listed below:

Water Details:

Standard Water Details

Standard Water Service & Meter Installation

Sanitary Sewer Details:

Standard Manhole & Miscellaneous Sewer Details

Standard Manhole Reversible Frame & Cover

Special Precast Manhole & Poured-in-Place Concrete Manhole Details

Drainage Details:

Standard Masonry Manhole and Junction Box

Standard Cast Iron Inlet Details

Grated Street Inlet Detail Heavy-Weld Steel Grate Type

Standard Cast Inlet Grate Vane Grate Type For Frame Installation

Special Grated Street Inlet Ribbed Vane Grate Type for Trench Installation

 Paving Details:

Standard Paving Sections & Details

Standard Paving Sections & Details


Capital Improvement Projects

The Engineering Division provides technical assistance, design service, records, maps and information as well as assisting in identifying and implementing Capital Improvement Projects.  Current Projects are listed below:

To see any proposed projects please review the RFP page.