Garage Sales

***Please note, Council has adopted a new Ordinance that adds a fine of $5.00/sign for any garage sale signs that are not picked up within 48 hours from the date of sale.
This fine will be applied to the applicant’s utility bill.***

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Upcoming local garage sales:  

For the weekend of April 20, 2018:

  • 1451 N Henney Rd
  • 1705 Cimarron Tr
  • 16881 Beau Kay Dr



Regular Garage Sale Permits

In order to have a garage sale in the City of Choctaw, you need to fill out a Garage Sale Permit application and turn it in at the Permits desk in City Hall, located at 2500 N. Choctaw Rd.  The price of a garage sale permit ($10) includes three signs.  If you need additional signs, they can be purchased individually.  You may not post any garage sale signs other than the signs provided by City Hall.  If you live outside of City limits, you do not need a permit, however, only City-issued signs are allowed to be posted within City limits.  Again, these can be purchased individually by anyone.  Permits purchased by noon on Thursday will be posted on the website for the upcoming weekend.


City-Wide Garage Sale day – May 5th, 2018
City-Wide Garage Sale
 Saturday is held annually on the first Saturday in May in Choctaw.
Garage sales held on City-Wide Garage Sale Saturday are free, no permit required.
To register for this event, you will need to submit a City Wide Garage Sale application to City Hall by the Wednesday prior to the event.
Sales registered will be on the map prepared for buyers.  The map is available online and/or can be picked up at City Hall on the Friday before the event date.
If participating in the City-wide garage sale, you may place a homemade sign in your yard, however, any other signs posted must be official City-issued garage sale signs, which can be purchased at City Hall.

If you wish to extend your sale beyond the single day, you must buy a permit and pay $3.00 for each extra day desired (price includes a sign for each extra day paid for).

For the City-Wide Garage Sale Saturday event, the City will prepare a map of all garage sales addresses registered with the City.
The map will be available online and at City Hall on the Friday before the event.
Any further questions, please contact our Permits Department at 390-2999.

(Garage Sales are not posted on the website from November through February)