The Mapping Division is an important part of valuable data for the City of Choctaw.  When property owners, developers, engineers, architects, builders, contractors, and utility companies are preparing to design or construct, they need to know the location of utilities maintained by the City of Choctaw.  The Mapping Division can provide a representation of the utility locations.


To request a map of utilities, the applicant must complete the form below.  Let it be known that the Mapping Division and the City of Choctaw does not take the responsibility for the accuracy of its maps.  The City is not responsible for the accuracy of the parcels, zoning, water system, sanitary sewer system, drainage system, flood zones, floodway, contours, addresses, roads, city limits, or any other mapping feature.  To confirm the locations, it’s the applicant’s responsibility to confirm the exact location of utilities.


If there are any questions or concerns about the mapping system, features, or map request, please email the Mapping Division at

To request a map, please complete the form below.