Compliance Officer

Office:  405-281-6869   Fax:  405-390-8607


Neighborhood Services consists of several elements.  It not only includes removal of high grass and weeds, but includes regulations regarding stagnant water, accumulation of rubbish and brush, derelict vehicles, and dangerous buildings.  The Development Services Department works in conjunction with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) and County Health Department of other local and state departments in enforcing the Health and Sanitation Codes.  Complaints and questions may be directed to the Code Compliance Officer at (405) 281-6869


The City of Choctaw implements a one-time “Notification”.  This allows the City to notify the property owner(s) of the violation(s) once every six months via certified mail.  Once the property owner has been notified, the City has the right to enter the property and abate the violations of the Health and Sanitation Code during the next 6 months.


The notice informs the owner(s) that their property is in violation and informs the owner(s) that they are aware of the specific ordinance or code.  Once notified the property owner is permitted a certain allotted time to bring the violation in compliance.  If the violation is not abated properly, the City will perform the abatement and brought into compliance.


If the City performs the abatement, the property owner will billed for the work performed in addition to an administration fee.  For information on City Health and Sanitation Code click here or contact the Code Compliance Officer at (405) 281-6869