Below you can find the answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email your question to the webmaster or fill out the form below.  Your email will be either answered or redirected to the appropriate person to be resolved, and your question may be added here.

To request work orders for Water, Sewer, Street, Parks, Cemetery, or other Public Works issues, or for response to other City issues, please fill out the form below.  Work orders will be generated and sent to the proper department, other City issues will be routed to the correct City Department for response.  When requesting a work order, please include as much information about the location of the issue, such as directional guides for side of street or corner location to help our crews identify the problem.  If reporting a street light out, we need to know which address and/or street corner (NW, SW, SE, NE) as well as whether the light is completely out, or blinking.  For emergency issues please call City Hall directly to report your issue at 405-390-8198.



In order to have a garage sale you need to fill out a garage sale permit and turn it in at the Development Center at City Hall, located at 2500 N. Choctaw Rd.  The price of a garage sale permit includes three signs, if you need additional signs, they can be purchased individually.  You may not post any garage sale signs other than the signs provided by City Hall.  If you live outside of City limits, you do not need a permit however you can purchase signs from City Hall if you desire. 

Choctaw is located in Oklahoma County, District 2.  For more information about District 2 or contact information for the District 2 County Commissioner please visit their website here.  You can also reach District 2 at their office downtown at 405-713-1502 or at the District 2 Yard at 405-713-2379. 

The Choctaw Post office can be reached at 405-390-0247.  You can also visit the US Postal Service Website to complete forms for mail hold, change of address and other services. 

The Choctaw Public Library can be reached at 405-390-8418.  For more information about the library including hours and link to their website, check out our Library page here

The Choctaw Fire Department issues Burn Permits.  Please contact them at 405-390-8300.

With the new contract with Waste Connections, holidays that fall on a week day will offset trash service by one day, so if your trash pick up day is Tuesday they will pick up on Wednesday.  The only holidays that affect trash pick up are New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If your trash was not picked up on a scheduled trash day, please contact Waste Connections directly to report the missed pickup, at 405-745-2942.  For more information please visit our Utilities page.

Permits are required for many installation and building projects within city limits including but not limited to the following:  Water heater change out, Heat and Air change out, Accessory Buildings (sheds), Carports, Patio Covers, Driveways, Pools, Alarm systems, Storm Shelters, Signs, Moving or demolishing existing buildings and any kind of Building or Remodeling or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing installation, alteration or repair.  If in doubt, please call 405-390-8198 and speak to our Planning and Development Department.  Applications for permits can be found on our website here

If you are considering operating a home based business, please contact our Planning and Development Department at 405-390-8198 to ensure that your area is properly zoned for the type of business you plan to operate.  In order to operate a business from your home you will need to obtain a Home Occupancy permit from City Hall, and if you plan to post a sign outside your home you will need a sign permit as well.  Home Occupancy permits must be renewed annually.  Please contact the Planning and Development department with any further questions.  Home Occupancy applications can be downloaded here.

Choctaw’s Citywide Garage Sale is held on the first Saturday in May.  Garage Sales held on Citywide Saturday are free, no permit required, however if you wish to extend your sale beyond the single day you must buy a permit and pay $3.33 per extra day, price includes an extra sign.  If participating in the Citywide garage sale you may place a homemade sign in your yard, however any other signs posted must be Official City Garage Sale signs which can be purchased at City Hall for $1.50 each.  The city will prepare a map of all garage sales participating in the Citywide sale.  Maps will be available at City Hall.  Any further questions, please contact our Permit Department at 390-8198.

Traditionally Choctaw observes Trick or Treating on Halloween, October 31st.  The City of Choctaw also hosts a Haunted Trail with trick or treat stations at Choctaw Creek Park several nights in October including Halloween.  For more information check out the Haunted Trails Webpage

Inspections are performed by the City Inspector Monday through Friday from 8:15am to 4:45pm.  Contractors are required to pull a permit prior to performing the work and fees will double if work is performed prior to pulling the permit.  Contractors must have a valid state and city license prior to pulling a permit.  Inspections may be called in on permitted projects by calling 405-390-8198.  Inspections are generally done the same day they are called in, however Rough-ins and Finals are held till all subcontractors have called in.  Permits and License applications can be downloaded on our permits page here

The City of Choctaw is not affiliated with the Choctaw Nation.  The Choctaw Nation is located in Durant, Oklahoma and you can contact them at 1-800-522-6170 or visit their website.

The City of Choctaw is located in Oklahoma County, in Central Oklahoma, and is not affiliated with Choctaw County.  The Choctaw County seat is located in Hugo, Oklahoma and can be reached at 580-326-7554.

Council and Board meeting schedules are listed on their respective pages under the Government tab.  City Council and CUA meetings are the First and Third Tuesdays of the month, Planning Commission meets on the First Thursday of the month, Public Recreation Board meets on the Second Tuesday of the month, the Board of Adjustments meet ont he Fourth Monday, as needed, and the Choctaw Economic Development Authority meets on the Last Wednesday of the month.  All meetings are at 7pm at City Hall except for the Choctaw Economic Development Authority which meets at 4:30pm at Old Germany Restaurant. 

All City licenses expire on June 30.  You will need to renew your license with the City of Choctaw prior to July 1st in order to continue to conduct business in the City limits.  Please visit our permits and license page to download applications and get information on required paperwork to obtain licenses.

Issues with stray or nuisance animals can be reported to the Animal Control officer at 405-769-3821.  Code Enforcement complaints can be reported to the Code Enforcement Officer at 405-281-6869.

The Choctaw Community Center sustained damage during a storm a few years ago and is no longer available to the community.  The City does have park pavilions available for rent at the city parks for outdoor events.  Please check out our Parks page for more information.  In addition, the Club House at the Choctaw Creek Golf Course can also be rented for indoor events.  Please contact the Choctaw Creek Golf Course at 405-769-7166 for more information.

The City of Choctaw does not keep a list of rental companies or rental properties.  Please contact the Chamber of Commerce to see if they have a listing.  

Grass and weeds cannot be more than 12 inches high or Code Enforcement can cite you for abatement.  To report high grass and weeds please contact Code Enforcement at 405-390-8300.

The first step is to obtain a Storm Shelter Permit prior to installing the Storm Shelter.  Storm shelter permits can be downloaded here and need to be filed at City Hall.  There is no fee for storm shelter permits.  After the installation is complete, please call the Planning and Development Department at 405-390-8198 and they will let the Fire Department know.  The Fire Department will come and GPS the location of your shelter in order to ensure that in the event of excessive tornado damage they will be able to find the location of your shelter. 

Choctaw is home to two Splash Pads, the Barrel Springs Splash Pad located on Main St. and Gilbert, and the Alexis Clark Water Park located at Bouse Park on Indian Meridian Rd between NE 10th and NE 23rd.  The parks are open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  For more information visit the parks webpages linked above. 

Oklahoma winters can often bring severe ice and snow.  When the weather is severe, the safest plan of action is to stay home until the road crews have had time to scrape and salt the roads.  In the event of a severe storm, the city has a plan in conjunction with Oklahoma City to clear priority snow routes first.  Follow the link here to download snow route maps.  Remember to plan ahead, go slow and stay safe.

Cox Cable handles their own customer support calls.  Please direct your customer service issues to their webpage at or call them directly at 405-600-8282.  For support regarding channel changes, please visit their website at

The Historical Sculpture Gardens along NE 23rd Street are one of the many landscaping projects initiated and maintained by the Choctaw Parks Foundation.  Funding for the Choctaw Parks Foundation comes from the Choctaw Land Run Bike Ride fundraiser in April, special grants and donations.  If you would like to volunteer to help with the maintenance of the landscaping please contact Jeannie Abts at 390-2596.  For more information visit the Choctaw Parks Foundation page here.

As of July 2014, City Ordinance 712, Section 1, Section 9-607 states the following:

A. No fireworks shall be discharged, exploded or ignited within five hundred feet of any firework stand, church, hospital, asylum, unharvested flammable agricultural crops, public schools or public property.

B.  Fireworks are to be discharged on July 1 through July 5 between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm on private property, and July 4 only, between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:30 pm.

C.  Consumer must have written permission from property owner to discharge fireworks upon private property from July 1 through July 5.

D.  In the event of a county wide or state wide burn ban, the City Council may place additional restrictions on the discharge of fireworks as it deems appropriate.

We recommend you check this FAQ annually in case the Ordinance is changed or a burn ban alters the restrictions. 

Email your question to the webmaster and help us improve this FAQ.  You can also call City Hall at 405-390-8198 or try using the search window in the top bar above.