2014-2015 Budget Summary 

Bernie Nauheimer, City Treasurer

Office: 405-390-8200  Fax: 405-390-8607   Email: finance@choctawcity.org

The Finance Department plans and directs the fiscal operations of the City. The City Treasurer serves as the head of the City’s Finance Department and is appointed by the City Manager and keeps the City administration informed of the financial picture relating to revenues, investments and expenditures. The department oversees accounting, purchasing, prepares payroll, and manages data processing functions.

Duties of the City Treasurer or personnel under his supervision and control:

•Acts as Investment Officer of the City;
•Directs the cash management program;
•Manages the budget, assisting department heads with their budgets;
•Provides accounts payable;
•Reports monthly financial activities to the City Manager and City Council;
•Verifies all outgoing deposits;
•Generates purchase orders;
•Coordinates internal and external audits; and
•Manages and documents all transactions for all funds.