The Fire Department is located at 14181 NE 23rd Street. 

The non-emergency number for the Fire Department is 405-390-8300.

For Emergencies – call 911.

Choctaw’s Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and protection of the citizens of Choctaw and their property.  Whether responding to a residential fire, working together to battle a wildfire, or providing first responder support to medical emergencies, the Choctaw Fire Department rises to meet the challenge and ensure the citizens of Choctaw are safe from harm.
To help your family stay safe, Chief Bumgarner offers the following Fire Safety Tips:

Test smoke & CO detectors every month.
Change batteries in detectors once a year.
Plan an exit drill from your home and practice it!
Have a place to meet outside and wait for the Fire Department.
If your clothes catch on fire “STOP, DROP, & ROLL.“  Don’t run.  Fall to the ground, cover your face, and roll around until the fire is out!

Practice this with your kids and use common sense when you using fire around the house.  Remember, fire is a tool we use every day.


For Burning Permits, please call (405) 390-8300.

Open Burning and Permits

The City of Choctaw allows open burning of yard debris, brush, tree limbs, shrubs, and leaves only.
No burning of materials that can cause an environmental issue will be allowed.
For example, but not limited to, trash, lumber, furniture, chemicals, tires, oil products, etc.

Obtaining a Burn Permit 

A Burn Permit can be obtained by calling the Fire Dept at (405) 390-8300, from 8am to 5pm every day, including weekends.
There is no charge for a Burn Permit.
Permission is granted on a daily basis, in accordance with the current weather and safety conditions.

All commercial burn permits for clearing property for development must follow guidelines set forth by DEQ.
An incinerator fan and curtain must be utilized.

Safety Regulations

No burn site shall be left unattended for any reason.
Any permit holder must have access to water to extinguish the fire.
The burn pile must be completely extinguished by sundown.
No burning within 150 feet of a structure.
No burning shall be conducted which creates a traffic hazard.