***Please note we have updated many of our forms and some fees have increased with our new 2017/2018 Fee Schedule.
If you are mailing payment, please call first to verify the correct permit fee.***

Permit applications can be picked up at City Hall, located at 2500 N. Choctaw Road, or printed from the links below.
Applications can be filed in person at City Hall, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.
License applications and permit applications can be mailed thru the USPS provided all necessary documentation is included, in addition to payment.  Please make all checks payable to City of Choctaw.

City of Choctaw
PO Box 567
Choctaw, OK 73020

If your company has a prepaid account, you can fax permit applications to our office at 405-390-3332.

Please do not fax license applications as the copy of the driver license will not come through clearly on our fax machine.

If you have questions, please call our Planning and Development department at 405-390-2999.



Board of Adjustment (BOA)

Uses Permitted on Review

Variance Application

Home Occupation


Preliminary Plat

Final Plat and Re-plat

Lot Merge Application

Lot Split Application


Zoning Classification Confirmation

Zoning Application




Building Permit Application – Residential – revised July 2017 (Accessory Bldg, Add-on, Remodel, Demolition)

Building Permit Application – Commercial/Industrial (Accessory Bldg, Add-on, Remodel, Demolition)

Business Occupancy Permit

Moving Permit

Storm Shelter Permit


Mechanical Permit

Contractor, Journeyman, Apprentice Application – rev July 2014

        Fire Suppression Permit


Electrical Permit

Contractor, Journeyman, Apprentice Application – rev July 2014


Back-flow Maintenance Performance Inspection

Back-flow Testing & Performance Report

Propane Tank Permit

Plumbing Permit

Contractor, Journeyman, Apprentice Application – rev July 2014

Private Sanitary Sewer

On-Site Sewage System Application

Contractor Application – rev July 2014

Private Water

Water Well Application

Contractor Application – rev July 2014


Sprinkler Permit


Alarm Permit

Beverage License Application

Driveway Permit

Fence Permit

Fireworks License Application

Garage Sale Permit

Mobile Home Park License and Checklist

Peddler’s License Application

Political Sign Permit

Pool Permit

Sign Permit

Demolition Permit

Storage-Carport-Pergola Permit

Occupancy Agreement Deposit – Temp Elec

Utility Connection Permit



Ground Clearing Permit

Inspection Form