The City of Choctaw operates from 4 campuses throughout the City.

  1. City Hall is located at 2500 North Choctaw Road, and is the hub of all public activity for Choctaw residents.
  2. The Choctaw Police Station is located at 13240 NE 23rd Street.
  3. The Fire Department operates from 14181 NE 23rd Street
  4. Public Works operates from City Hall and the Choctaw Business and Industrial Park, which is the site of the maintenance facility and sewage treatment plant.

The City of Choctaw is a “Home Rule” city. Choctaw voters adopted its initial Charter in 1973. In April of 1999, Choctaw residents voted to amend the Charter and approved the proposition allowing the City Manager to reside within the city limits and/or the Choctaw-Nicoma Park school district.

The municipal government operates under a “Council-Manager” form of government as provided by the City Charter. Pursuant to its provisions and subject only to the limitations imposed by the Oklahoma Constitution and by our Charter, all powers of the City are vested in an Elective Council, which enacts local legislation, adopts budgets, determines policies, and appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, Municipal Judge, and all Boards, Commissions, and Trusts. The City Manager executes the laws and administers the government of the City.