To start utilities/trash services, please visit City Hall and complete a new Utility Contract, pay the deposit, and provide a driver license.

If you need to add any additional polycarts to your trash service, please visit City Hall and complete a Utility Contract and pay the deposit for the additional cart(s).  This can be done at any time if you determine you need more carts.
You should already have one black-lidded cart and one yellow-lidded cart, unless your service address is a new build.

You can print the Utility Contract, fill it out, and return it to us by mail with your payment if you are unable to come in during business hours.  Our phone number and fax number are at the top of the Utility Contract.  Please call to verify your deposit amount required before mailing it.

Waste Connections is the waste collection service provider for the City of Choctaw.  They pick up throughout the week, so your trash pick-up day will vary depending on what part of the City you live in.
Recycling is picked up every other week.  More information about pick-up days, recycling, and bulk waste dates are available in the documents below.


2018 Waste Connections Recycle/Bulk Trash Calendar

Waste Connections Trash Service Guidelines

Waste Connections Recycling Guidelines


For issues with your Water, Sewer, and Trash bill, or to set up new service, please contact City of Choctaw Utility Billing at 405-390-8198.

For issues with trash pick-up or for replacement polycarts, please contact Waste Connections at 405-745-2942.

The Utility Meter Readers read each customer’s utility meter each month, from the 15th to the 15th.  The information they record is uploaded to the City’s utility computer system.  The Utility Billing Clerk then prepares each customer’s monthly bill.  When unusual readings are found, it is the Billing Clerk who requests meter re-reads.  The Utility Billing Clerk also receives inquiries about the City’s Solid Waste contract.  The Utility Billing Clerk accepts and posts payments, and can also make payment arrangements for customers who need them.

Utility payments can be made payable to City of Choctaw and

1. mailed to:  City of Choctaw

PO Box 567

Choctaw, OK 73020

2. or dropped in our payment box in our parking lot, located at 2500 N. Choctaw Road, at any time.

3. You can also bring your payment in person to the Utility Billing window inside City Hall, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

4. You can also set up an autodraft from your bank

5. or you can pay your utility/trash bill online.

Directions for these services are located on the Utility Payment Options page.
We accept cash, check, money order, or credit card for utility payments.
We cannot process payments over the phone.

More information, click on the desired topic below:

2016 Water Quality Report Choctaw

2016 Annual Water Quality Report_Pointons Redwood Manor

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To request work orders for Water, Sewer, Street, Parks, Cemetery, or other Public Works issues, or for response to other City issues, please fill out the form below.  Work orders will be generated and sent to the proper department while other City issues will be routed to the correct department for a response.  When requesting a work order, please include as much information about the location of the issue, such as directional guides for which side of a street or corner location to help our crews identify the problem.  If reporting a street light out, we need to know which address and/or street corner (NW, SW, SE, NE) as well as whether the light is completely out, or blinking.  For emergency issues, please call City Hall directly to report your issue at 405-390-8198.